Did you know we offer asphalt crack filling? Check it out!

"Left unattended, cracks in your asphalt can allow moisture to seep into your subbase and destroy the pavement. Crack filling or sealing by Pickens Construction Inc is your first line of defense in effectively stopping the seepage and pr...

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Are you in need of grading services? If so, look no further than Pickens Construction Inc!

"Our experienced crew knows how to choose the best subbase material, such as dense-graded base or crushed stone, and install it in the right way for any kind of finished surface - road, walk, curb, etc."


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In need of line striping services? We've got you covered.

"We utilize the industry’s highest standards of equipment and materials on every line striping and pavement marking job. Our line striping is straight, even and uniform."

For more information or to get started with our services, give us ...

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"But asphalt has a downside to its use. Since it's a natural substance, it's prone to degrading under the elements. When exposed to too much sunlight, water, or motor oil, asphalt wi...

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Have you seen this positive customer review? Check it out! We love hearing from you.

"Fair prices, fast and quality work, friendly customer service."

If you've received our services and are happy with them, be sure to leave us a review! We hope to provide you with the same level of customer sat...

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How long must my concrete/asphalt cure before I can drive/walk on it? We have an answer for you!

"Asphalt can be driven on the next morning. However, you should use caution for 3-6 months with things like power steering, high heels, kickstands, trailer jacks, etc, as they can mark and/or damage ...

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When you're in need of asphalt paving services, choosing the right contractor to work with is crucial! Read our latest blog post to learn how to avoid 5 common asphalt paving mistakes.

"Using asphalt with high quantities of recycled materials can reduce the lifespan of your parking lot, while lo...

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Have you seen our 5-star review from Marshall? Check it out!

"Great company to work with and more than fair prices for the value they provide."

We hope to provide you with the same level of customer satisfaction! Call us today at (864) 602-2664 for more information about our services.


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8 months ago
Great company to work with and more than fair prices for the value they provide
- Marshall D
a year ago
Fair prices, fast and quality work, friendly customer service
- Ashley A
3 years ago
I am the Homeowners President at Cardinal Park I hired Pickens Construction for their professional demeanor and work. Pickes patched and sealed the drive and parking lot in Cardinal Park and they did an excellent job. The sealing made a huge difference in the look of the drive and parking lots. They did the work professionally and fast and I am so happy that I choose them to do the work that was long over due at Cardinal Park. Please feel free to come by and check out the work Pickens Construction did I am sure you will be equally impressed.
- Lisa V

Best Road Construction Company In SC

A Reliable And Affordable Asphalt Paving Specialist

Residential and commercial road construction clients in Georgia and South Carolina have had a hard time finding a reliable road construction contractor in the two neighboring states. There are quite a number of road construction contractor in the area but most of them are not very trustworthy. And some of the trustworthy contractors are not very competent in their work. This is why Pickens Construction has emerged as the best road construction company in South Carolina and the neighboring state of Georgia. 

We are a fully qualified Class A road construction contractor certified by the Contractors' State License Boards (CSLBs) of the two states. This means that we can provide our road construction services in both states. And in addition to our technical credentials and state certification, we do a top-notch, professional job for all our clients. Pickens Construction is a third generation family owned road construction company and asphalt specialist based in Anderson, SC. We treat all our clients like family and we employ only the most qualified technicians to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Call us today for any type of road construction project or asphalt paving project and we will be there for you. 

Our Road Construction Services      

Pickens Construction is one of the few road construction companies that provide both residential and commercial road construction services in South Carolina and Georgia. We know that most of the smaller companies do not have the necessary manpower, tools, and equipment to handle commercial and industrial road construction projects. At Pickens Construction, we have all the necessary resources to handle any kind of road construction project successfully regardless of scope or complexity. And this does not mean that we do not care for the homeowners and other private residents in the two states. Just give us a call any time you want to install or repair your driveway, parking lot, street, roadway, pavement, or any other paved surface and we will respond immediately.  

Our Road Construction Services include: 

·       Site preparation 
·       Site development 
·       Road maintenance 
·       Asphalt paving services 
·       Concrete construction and repair services     

If you are wondering about the type of site preparation services that we provide to our residential and commercial clients, read the following list:

·       Site demolition 
·       Excavation 
·       Lot & tree clearing 
·       Land leveling 
·       Dirt and earth moving 
·       Bulldozing 
·       Bush hogging 
·       Grading 
·       Hydro-seeding 
·       Milling      

Asphalt Milling And Recycling      

At Pickens Construction, we know and appreciate asphalt recycling. As an asphalt specialist, we are experts in asphalt recycling. We actually provide a wide range of asphalt paving services in South Carolina and Georgia. But we are very good when it comes to asphalt milling and recycling. 

Our highly trained and experienced road construction technicians are conversant with all asphalt and concrete milling techniques including: 

·       Pavement milling 
·       Fine milling 
·       Micro milling 
·       Concrete milling and bridge overlay removal      

We are equipped with top-of-the-range asphalt and concrete removal tools and equipment that enable us to handle even the most intricate asphalt milling projects. The recovered asphalt is recycled on site or in our treatment facility at a reasonable fee. 

Asphalt recycling is very important because: 

·       Its saves you money 
·       Reduced environmental pollution 
·       Conserves resources 
·       Produces high quality asphalt 
·       Encourages recycling of other construction materials     

Asphalt Sealing 

One of the most important preventative maintenance activities for asphalt is seal coating. You should make a point of seal coating your asphalt pavements, driveways, parking lots, roadways, and highways soon after completion. Pickens Construction offers high quality yet affordable asphalt sealing services to all our residential and commercial road construction clients in South Carolina and Georgia. 

Here are a few reasons why you should sealcoat all your asphalt pavements:  

·       Protection from sunlight, water, and other harmful elements like oil spills 
·       To prolong its lifespan 
·       To save on asphalt repairs 
·       Aesthetic appeal 
·       Melt snow faster during winter   

You should sealcoat your asphalt surface three months after completion but within 12 months. The protective sealant wears out over time. As such, you should reseal the asphalt surface every two years after the first coat is applied.  

Thermo Striping      

After installing an asphalt driveway, parking lot, roadway, or highway, you should then line stripe it for safety reasons. The most recommendable technique of line striping an asphalt surface is thermoplastic or thermo striping. 

Thermo striping offers many advantages including:  

·       Safety on roadways 
·       Space management in parking lots
·       Most cost-effective line striping method 
·       It's very durable and lasts for a very long time 
·       It's convenient because it dries very quickly 
·       Improves the beauty of the black asphalt surface    

Call us at Pickens Construction for the best thermo striping services in the state. 

Other Asphalt Paving Services     

 At Pickens Construction, we are asphalt specialists. We provide a wide range of asphalt paving services including:

·       New asphalt paving & construction
·       Resurfacing & overlays 
·       Parking lot paving, repair & maintenance 
·       Driveway paving, repair & maintenance 
·       Surface patching & repairs 
·       Crack filling 
·       Line striping, imprinting, coloring & stenciling      

Highly Trained And Experienced Technicians 

Pickens Construction credits its unprecedented success to its highly dedicated workforce. We have assembled a team of expert road construction technicians who provide the best services in the state. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in road construction matters. They also undergo training in personal etiquette and client interactions. You will find that our technicians are very courteous, punctual, and patient. 

Why Pickens Construction?      

The main reason that Pickens Construction has thrived in the highly competitive road construction industry in South Carolina and beyond is due to its unwavering commitment to honesty and business integrity. We do not engage in any shady deals with our clients or our materials' suppliers. We are a straightforward company that complies with the law and stays true to all our clients. We do not inflate our bills or suggest unnecessary materials or improvements to get an extra buck from you. Actually we like listening to our clients and offering our suggestions. You are the final say in your road construction project and we will do whatever you want.  With Pickens Construction, it’s a win-win arrangement for everyone. 

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